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The Complete Celebrant Handbook by Han Hills

The Complete Celebrant Handbook by Han Hills
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The Complete Celebrant Handbook: How to Officiate Weddings, Memorials, and more, from Beginner to Professional

517 pages
Published by Hypathian Books
Publication Date: May 30, 2016

Paperback: $17.99
Kindle: $5.99

“This book is absolutely phenomenal. For someone just starting out as a wedding celebrant/officiant it is absolutely essential.”
“I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any celebrant. Keep it handy, right alongside the collection of songs and readings that any celebrant should be curating, as you will be sure to reference it just as often.”
“Wow! What a comprehensive manual for anyone interested in becoming a celebrant, and also a trusty handbook with fresh ideas for a seasoned celebrant like me. I’ve been conducting weddings and other ceremonies for over ten years and all throughout the book I was either saying to myself, “Yes, that’s exactly it!” or “Oh! I didn’t know that!” and of course, “Bookmark this section for sure!”
“Packed with numerous tips, sample ceremonies and practical advice, I would recommend this valuable reference book for any celebrant, regardless of experience.”
“This is the bible for celebrants.”

The Comprehensive Guide to Ceremony Success

Within these pages, you will find an invaluable blueprint for building creative, exciting, organized, professional-level ceremonies of every kind. Whether you are looking to design a single spectacular dream event, improve your business, or launch a whole new career, this book will be your handy companion, as you move from planning to incredible success!

Who this Book is For

If you are just beginning, this book can provide you with a complete course of instruction, and contains all the information you need to get you started with your Celebrant practice.
If you are already performing ceremonies, and looking for further instruction and direction, this book will take you deeper into the process, and guide you towards mastering your role.
If you are a Celebrant with many years of experience, I hope the following pages will provide you with some new and exciting perspectives that will enable you to gain a fresh outlook on your role, and perhaps encourage you to try something new.
If you are involved in the leadership of a group that is looking to add ceremony to your activities, I hope you will find this a handy guidebook full of advice and ideas to get you started, and then help you master ceremonies of all kinds.
If you are not a Celebrant, I hope this book will give you some fascinating insights into our profession, as well as demonstrating the many skills and techniques that a professional brings to any ceremonial occasion. Many of the skills used in performing a ceremony translate with surprising effectiveness to many other areas of life.

Inside the Complete Celebrant Handbook

Part One: A detailed guide and introduction to the role of the Celebrant. You will learn about the skills and strengths that define a real ceremony professional. You will also be able to test and evaluate your characteristics and see how to target your growth into an outstanding Officiant.
Part Two: A fully detailed guide to Modern Weddings. Every aspect of modern wedding ceremony creation is discussed at a practical level. From client interviews to running rehearsals, to creating Unity Rituals, and getting paid, this is a truly complete guide to the wedding process at every level.
Part Three: This section will give you a full, practical guide to creating modern memorials. From working with clients, both before and after passing, to managing the ceremony day, this is a detailed instruction and reference for all types of end-of-life ceremony.
Part Four: This section is your guide to New Life ceremonies, invocations, dedications, and the many other forms of service that modern Celebrants are asked to perform. I explain how the Celebrant skills cross between different ceremony types and offer dozens of tips for success.
Part Five: This is a true introduction to creating and building a Celebrant Business. From the first decisions you make before your first booking to mastering life as a leading Ceremony professional, the information you need is here. Includes checklists, resources, sample questionnaires, contracts, and much more.

Additional Materials: This book also contains a complete guide to Wedding Laws, and ordination rules across the U.S., and Internationally. You will also find comprehensive glossaries, and sample documents you can use and adapt. The online links to bonus materials and further resources will continue to be updated, to give you the most accurate information on any topic.

This book is your guide to succeeding as a Modern Celebrant or Officiant. Both a course of instruction, and a full reference guide, this is the Complete Celebrant Handbook.